We’re remixing consumer engagement


Imagine the ability to create an entire customer social profile based solely on a mobile number. Or allowing your customers to socially connect to a brand without having a social media account. Or even adjusting your communication strategy based on whether your customer is more active on social media than their mobile phone (or vice versa). There’s no longer a need to imagine it, because today it’s a reality with Mosofy!


We started out strictly as a mobile marketing company named ProTexting, but recently we noticed the need for an industry makeover. Mosofy was born to fuse mobile with social like never before. For far too long advances in mobile technology and the growth in social media have been occurring on separate paths – making it necessary for marketers to create a social strategy and an entirely different mobile strategy.


This has created an environment where the millions of people without twitter accounts, for example, can’t participate in a trending topic, and active twitter users skip out on “text-to-win” campaigns. Social platforms and mobile tech have been operating on separate wavelengths that never connected. This is why we are here: to remix social engagement and start the “MoSo” strategy revolution.

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